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Created 12.08pm Tue 28 May 2013

The new Acton refresh supports a number of full-width regions:

  • Highlighted (for placing a full-width feature rotator)
  • Header (above content and page title)
  • Page band first
  • Page band second
  • Footer

These new regions allow for a much more flexible configuration of layouts. Each region has layout options (in the Acton theme settings) specifying the default grid class of blocks in each region. Before configuring any block with full, remember that any full-width layout must be approved by the Webstyle team.

With the new Acton Layouts release, dependency on Panels has been dropped (while it is still recommended as a layout tool). Additionally, support for the Context module has been added in order to simplify the usage of custom layouts.

  • The "Panel layout" context condition sets the context when one or more chosen layouts are displayed (if Panels is available).
  • The "Block grid layout" context reaction applies a configured grid class or disables the default grid class of a block.

The new Acton Layouts release requires the latest Acton theme release, or the grid widths will not display as expected. To update Acton Layouts from an older version, you must:

  1. log into the site using the site maintenance account.
  2. remove the old acton_layouts module directory.
  3. download and extract the new module into the directory where the old module was.
  4. run site updates (by visiting – substituting for your site base address).

This procedure is necessary because the old layouts have been moved inside the module code and require a fresh installation to avoid duplicate code.

Deprecated functionality

Compatibility with Display Suite

While the 7.x-2.0-beta1 release for Acton Layouts should still work with Display Suite when using a Panel layout, this functionality is deprecated and will be removed in the full 7.x-2.0 release. To continue to use Display Suite with a provided layout for a content type, follow these steps.

  1. Install the Context module (and the included Context UI module).
  2. Create a context with:
    • Conditions
      • Node type: the Display Suite managed content types
    • Reactions
      • Acton grid layout: Main page content
        • Layout: (Disable)

This will trigger Acton Layouts to disable the default doublewide grid when viewing content of those configured types.

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