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Created 2.39pm Tue 23 Jul 2013

The 7.x-2.x major version of the Acton Profile module has been redesigned for flexibility and stability for future updates. The Acton theme has been reworked to use this flexible platform for outputting style elements regardless of actual style version, while the version-specific features are detected and provided by the updated Acton Profile module.

This update requires that both the Acton theme and the Acton Profile are updated. Specifically, version 7.x-2.0-beta9 of the Acton theme requires 7.x-2.x of the Acton Profile module. For this update:

Impact on existing sites

This update has no impact on existing sites using the theme and module without custom implementation (eg. page template override) if the standard Drupal module update procedure is followed.

Developers who have extended the styling functionality should assess custom subthemes/modules for API compatibility. All previous functions and classes are deprecated but still usable for backwards compatibility.

Rules integration

Rules actions provided by Acton Profile are still usable, but are now deprecated. All properties manipulated by Rules actions can now be modified as site properties.

  • The actions Fetch profile by name, Get active profile and Set profile as active are now accomplished with the single site property site:current-acton-profile. The property can be used to retrieve the active profile. Setting it updates the currently active profile, and available profiles are automatically provided as a dropdown list when setting current profile.
  • Set alert bar message can now be accomplished with the property site:acton-alert-message.


Please direct specific queries regarding API changes to the CMBE & CPMS Web Services team.

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