This section lists definitions for the most common Drupal terms.


A theme for Drupal implementing the ANU web styles, as well as the prefix of any module developed and maintained by the CMBE & CPMS web team for the ANU College of Medicine, Biology & Environment and the ANU College of Physical & Mathematical Sciences.

Acton core

A collection of components (theme and modules) required to make a Drupal site ANU branded.

Content type

A single piece of content (node) belongs to a content type, which defines the set of properties (fields and other settings) pertaining to that type of information.


An abstract data type, built on top of the traditional Drupal content architecture (ie nodes, users, terms, comments and files). 


An element used to capture a particular type of information within a content type (see Content type). There are different types of fields such as text, image, link, etc. A basic example of field is 'Body', a text field found in the 'Basic page' content type.


A 'plug-in' that extends Drupal functionality.


A single item of content. It is the most common way to store content in Drupal. By default every node has a number of attributes (eg title, ID, path, author, post date, etc) as well as individual fields used to capture extra information (see Field for more details). Nodes belong to types (see Content type), whose number can vary depending on the complexity of a given content model.


A drag and drop layout manager. When integrated with other modules (ie Ctools), it allows a high degree of flexibility in administering the content rendering process based on contexts. 


A module that allows to categorise content with terms. Terms are grouped in vocabularies.


A term is a label used to categorise content. Terms are grouped into vocabularies.


A collection of files developed to control the look and feel of a website. The ANU branded Drupal theme is Acton.

User 1

The first user created on installation and granted additional (all) permissions. This is also known as the site maintenance account.


A group of terms.

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